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Multiplayer podium
The multi-person podium is made of wood, and the surface is spray-painted as a whole, which is waterproof and rust-proof, strong and durable. The podium is composed of three platforms with different heights. The sizes are: 2*0.5*0.4m; 2*0.5*0.3m; 2*0.5*0.25m, which can satisfy about ten people receiving prizes at the same time. (Size can be customized) Color: white (can be customized)
Referee whistle
Fox FOX whistle with lanyard and mouth guard. Various colors. Used for referee whistle, outdoor activities and other venues.
Electronic commander
FL-D electronic commander is suitable for international and domestic radio direction finding, orientation, modern pentathlon, bicycle, racing, skiing and other competitions. Equipped with 0.5'1', 2', 3', 4', and 5'six-speed cyclical command mode. This machine adopts high-stability components, a microcomputer control circuit supported by software programs, accurate timing, reliable work, loud and bright playback, power supply adopts a wide voltage (9V-12V) design, and there are 9V (6 AA batteries) batteries inside Box, peripheral power socket. Small size, light weight, easy to use and carry, provide a fair and reliable guarantee for all kinds of competitions and training.
Single podium
The single-person podium is made of welded iron plates, and the surface is sprayed with plastic as a whole, which is waterproof and rust-proof, durable. The podium is composed of three platforms with different heights, with the order of the ranking numbers. (Size can be customized) Color: white (can be customized)
Report card
Each set of call cards includes a bracket and a bottom plate. The sign holder is welded by 304 stainless steel square tube. The bottom plate of the sign board adopts a white bottom plate, the size is 350*360mm. Print or paste black or red numbers, short distances consist of 1, 3, 5...29 odd numbers. The long distance is composed of singular numbers 1, 2, 5...69.
Hand bell
The handbell is used in long-distance competitions to inform the athletes that there are still 100 meters in the swimming distance. The handbell is a pure copper casting, the bell body is mirror-like, and the sound is clear and loud.
Lane sprint
Swimming lane signs are made of reinforced plastic. Foldable for easy transportation and storage. The lane signs are divided into three types: loop lanes, sprint lanes, and no entry. Patterns and text are used on both sides to indicate the role of the lane. When in use, it is placed in the middle of the lane or on the starting platform. Warn athletes that when swimming, athletes from both ends of the same lane do not interfere with each other.
Foul Recall
The foul recall bar contains two uprights, two embedded parts, and a colorful flag. The column diameters are 38mm and 48mm. They are welded by 304 stainless steel pipes. The height is 2m. The distance from the top 300mm is equipped with a manual retractable device to facilitate the referee to retract and release the foul flag. The top is a stainless steel decorative ball with a threaded hole. The foul flag is 30m in length and can traverse the width of the pool. The pennant is made of waterproof plastic sheet, the size of the three sides is 40*40*20cm, and the pennant's interval is 25cm. The embedded parts are made of 304 stainless steel, which are suitable for 38mm and 48mm columns respectively. Equipped with an upper cover, when the pole is not in use, it is both beautiful and prevents debris from falling into the embedded parts. The embedded part and the foul recall rod are plug-in connection, and the vertical rod can be flexibly rotated for easy disassembly. The foul recall rod is installed at a distance of 5 meters from the end of the pool.
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